Moving to the Salt Lake Valley? Check out these Blogs

In Blog by Angela Brown

Salt Lake City and the surrounding area is home to more than a million people. Cupped by picturesque mountains on nearly all sides, the Valley boasts access to world-class ski slopes, hiking trails, Broadway-caliber plays, a professional basketball team, and numerous museums, galleries, and shopping centers. In the winter, celebrities and artists flock to Park City to participate in the Sundance Film Festival.

A lot is happening in the Salt Lake Valley. If you’re new to the area, one of the easiest ways to get to know your community a little better is to check out some local blogs about the area. These Salt Lake-focused blogs will help you find the best places to snag a bite, take in a show, or take your dog for a walk. Check out a few of our favorites:

Visit Salt Lake: This catch-all blog is a great way to find out a lot of information fast. You’ll find access to information about the airport, local transportation systems, museums, and upcoming events. Though the blog focuses on people visiting the city for the first time, it can be a helpful tool for resident’s who’ve lived here for years too.

City Weekly:  The City Weekly publishes a weekly print publication (you can find it in most local libraries, free). However, their online site offers instant access to upcoming events, features on local artists, and local news.  It’s updated regularly.

SLC Eats One of the best parts about getting to know a new city is trying out unique dining locations that make the community feel like home. SLC Eats covers restaurants and events (mainly focused on food) in Salt Lake City and neighboring communities. The site could use with a more user-friendly search function to make viewing past posts a bit easier, but it’s well researched.

801Eats: If you want the 411 on where to eat, this Foodie blog, cleverly named after the 801-area code, is a good option. The blog features a lot of personal recipes, but the Friday Feature is a fun bit that showcases different restaurants in the Valley. You’ll find some personal stories on here as well, but the food is a major highlight of 801Eats.

Utah Stories: Utah Stories focuses on the people living in Utah. You’ll find features ranging on topics from upcoming events to reviews of local bakeries and stories about living in the Beehive State. One super helpful feature on this site is the “Local” tab that lets you link to local businesses and activities. There’s an expansive list of restaurants and shops under “Best of Local Salt Lake.”

Reddit Utah: If you’re not familiar with Reddit, the site is essentially a site of aggregated content. People submit links and stories about local events and issues. Readers can vote or comment on the piece. It’s a one-stop-shop for quick access to information about stuff you care about. Salt Lake City’s subreddit has more than 32 thousand users. It’s a great place to get tips about places to eat, shows to see, or groups to join.

The Salt Lake Valley has a lot to offer. From spectacular views to jaw-dropping entertainment options, there’s no shortage of recreational activities; you just need to know where to find them. These blogs are a great place to start.

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